About Cristin

​Holistic Energy Healing is not a replacement for Western medicine.  We believe all forms of healing are valid and encourage our clients to seek traditional medicine when appropriate.

​​​A life long intuitive empath and Dallas, TX native, Cristin has always been drawn to healing.  She has a deep curiosity for many healing modalities and has sought out the absolute best teachers/masters in their field to hone her abilities.  She is a Certified Intuitive Healing Practitioner from the Center for Inner Truth (Santa Fe NM), Certified Usui Reiki Master/Practicitioner, Certified ThetaHealer®/Practictioner, Certified Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Healer.  She has also received training in Native American Spirit Medicine techniques as well as Shuniya Tibetan bowl sound healing using Himalayan singing bowls.  Cristin intensively trained at the Atma Buti Sound Healing School with Pamela Lancaster (of Miraval Resorts and Awakening of the Divine Self)- one of the most renowned Sound Healing experts in the United States.  Recently, Cristin had the opportunity to train with Brent Baum, developer of Holographic Memory Resolution®, an energy psychology technique which helps people reframe and neutralize emotional trauma utilizing color.  She also completed a 2 week intensive training in Sedona, AZ  obtaining certification in Shamangelic Healing and Shamanic breath work.

With her talent for energy healing, her goal is to create a unique experience for each and every client utilizing a combination of various healing modalities.  She doesn't believe in a one size fits all healing session.   Utilizing her intuition, she has the ability to individualize each session to bring about the best outcome for healing and growth.  

As a healing facilitator, Cristin partners with her clients to support them through making positive life changes.  She gives her clients the tools they need to create the life they've always wanted.  She loves working with clients that are ready to take the next step towards true empowerment.