We offer several affordable single session and package rate options

(inquire about package pricing) 

90+ Minute full energy session - $125

  • ​Includes full clearing, crystal healing, chakra balance, cord cutting, vibrational/sound healing and intuitive counseling.  All in-person sessions take place in a professional studio in Dallas and include use of a crystal therapy Biomat that utilizes the heat of infrared technology with the addition of specialized crystals to create a unique, relaxing environment which resets the central nervous system.

70 Minute Himalayan Sound Bath - $95

  • This session is focused entirely on vibrational healing protocols utilizing Himalayan Singing Bowls.  Session will be tailored based on client needs.  Chakra clearing, crystal healing, cord cutting and intuitive counseling are all included in the session.  Ideal for both emotional and physical issues.

60 Minute Chakra Balance, crystal healing, cord cutting - $80

  • This is a quick chakra balance for those clients that have received a 90 minute full session within the past 6 months.

John of God Session Add-On Pricing:

  • 20 minute add-on to a full energy session (90 min session)  - $145
  • 20 minute add-on to a Himalayan Sound Bath (70 min session) - $115
  • 20 minute add-on to Energy only session (60 min session) - $100

  • 40 minute add-on to a full energy session (90 min session) - $165
  • 40 minute add-on to a Himalayan Sound Bath (70 min session) - $135
  • 40 minute add-on to Energy only session (60 min session) - $120

  • 60 minute add-on to full energy session (90 min session)- $185
  • 60 minute add-on to a Himalayan Sound bath (70 min session) $155
  • 60 minute add-on to Energy only session (60 minute session) - $140

John of God Stand Alone Session Pricing:

  • 40 minute session - $50
  • 60 minute session - $70


We gladly accept all major credit cards as well as cash.  At this time we are unable to accept personal checks

Cancellation Policy:

While we understand that things come up, Good Vibes Energy Works requires a 24 hour cancellation.  Any cancellations that fall within the 24 hour window will incur a charge for half the cost of a session if the session is not rescheduled. Any no-call, no-show clients will incur a charge for the full amount of the session.


What to Expect:

When you make your appointment, please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothing.  It is also very important to abstain from alcohol, caffeine (if possible) and drink plenty of filtered water 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Working with energy requires proper hydration to work optimally.

Depending on the type of healing, you will be lying on a massage table for at least a portion of the session.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience.  Clients report experiencing a deep sense of relaxation and an overall sense of well being.  It is also completely normal to have an emotional reaction when we are clearing emotional blocks.  This is always a positive sign that deep healing has occurred.

Following your session, as with all energy or body work, you will need to continue to hydrate to assist in the removal of toxins.  

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