​​Shuniya Tibetan Bowl Sound/Vibrational Healing

The power of the Tibetan bowls infuse your body and soul with energy.  Shuniya sound healing has the ability to transform your state of awareness on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental level.  This ceremonial ritual builds upon the ancient foundation of sound healing created by master Tibetan and Nepalese practitioners.  This ceremony is highly therapeutic.  Energy balances which builds your spirit into a deep state of healing.  Combined with traditional energy techniques or as a stand alone service, the bowls are a powerful and transformative tool.


  • Regain emotional balance
  • Reduce stress through release of unnecessary thoughts or limiting beliefs
  • Gain clarity and insight with strengthening mental proficiency
  • Recover from loss or trauma
  • Ease anxiety and induce a state of deep relaxation
  • Reduce physical pain